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It is the only YOGASHRAM in south India where you get real ancient yogic knowledge, various life saving healing techniques and therapies. Ashrama is located at Guledgudd, Karnataka.

Guledgudd city is being known world wide because of Shri Krishna Yogashram which came in to existence before 21 years. Millions of people of all over the world rush towards Guledgudd to learn yogic techniques and to consult for their various physical and mental ailments.

In the beginning of Ashrama was felt to have built up remote but now as city expansion has taken place, it has become a nearest part of the city. The Shri Krishna Yogashram covered with 11 acres of fertile land and surrounded by big hills it depicts very natural atmosphere. People coming to seek yogic knowledge to the Ashrama, it makes them to feel very purified and prolific place about Ashrama.

Shri Krishna Yogashram is a paradise of yogic aspirants, that renders yeoman service to the mankind. It renders as service center to enormous people, with well equipped, rooms for staying, useful library for reading and it has wonderful pyramid meditation hall and worshiping room, it also extends ayurvedic herbal treatment to the people express their feelings about Ashrama as heavenly place for ultimate salvation.

It is greatest part of Shri Krishna Yogashram that various treatment, like Reiki healing, Shabri healing, Gem therapy, Color therapy, Affirmation therapy, Prayer therapy, Aroma therapy, Herbal treatment and Panchkarma like other various therapies being given to the disciples so as to keep their state of mind, intellect and body in an equilibrium. Other noted healing methods such as Melchizedek, Acupressure, Ear candling, Magneto Healing, Oil Pulling, Feng-sui and so on are being felt useful on keeping ourselves quiet fit in out way of like.

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