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Alfa Meditation

You just think, a human being without mind. Mind is the main cause for our sorrow and happiness ( "Mana eva karananam manushyanam Bandha mokshayo" ). Yoga is beyond sorrow and happiness. To attain this state we should know the nature and levels of mind. Psychologists classify the mind in four parts 1)Beta 2)Alfa 3)Theta 4)Delta. We feel sorrow and happiness in Beta level when we go to Alfa. We are nearer to Sat-chit-Ananda. It is wonderfull sadhana. Come and enjoy it.

Duration : 3 days residential

Fees : Rs. 6000/- (including food and accomodation).

Divine Life Yoga

Dog is like a dog, Ass is like a ass, Parrot is like a parrot only. But man is not like a man. He is everything as he has taken a birth as a man, he has borrowed all the sanskaras of 8.4 million janmas. Hence a man is an animal by birth. As he grows by knowledge and sanskaras, he loses all the pashu sanskaras then he becomes man. After this stage man becomes madhava. This is a process.

In Devine life yoga training an aspirant practices four level of sadhana. It gives immense heavenly pleasure to sadhakas.

Duration : 3 days residential

Fees : Rs. 4500/- (including food and accomodation)

Kayakalpa Kundalini & Youth Re-awakening

"Youths are the prime pillars of the nation" some educationalists says this. Considering this statement Guruji has designed a very meaningful course for youths. Here we teach Varnashrama Dharma i.e Bhrahmacharya-Grahastha-Vanaprastha and Sanyas.

Celibacy is important stage to an aspirant but because of all changing life style most of the youth are loosing their celibacy in their early teen age so they are loosing self confidence, brave nature. They are suffering from depression, desperation, fear, introvert nature, loneliness, loss of memory. So send your children to Ashrama let us build strong nation. Let our youth be happy and be healthy.

Duration : 6 days residential

Fees : Rs. 14500/- (including food and accomodation)

Kundalini Yoga

In the Ashrama, the Kundalini Yoga programme is taken by Swami Yoganand which is the yoga of awareness. It is the science and technology of energy channeling and integrating the energy our body mind to live in alignment with our fullest potential. It is the ultimate transformation tool. The Kundalini energy is the energy of the soul and our creative potential. It is something that already exists within us but is simply waiting to be awakened and utilized. A raised Kundalini means simply that everything is in balance within the body and mind. We teach Kundalini in 5 stages.

Using breath, posture, mantra (specific sounds which tap into various frequencies of energy) and mudra (specific hand positions) to awaken energy, Kundalini yoga builds flexibility, endurance and awareness. Working below the surface, it balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system and enables us to control the mind rather than being controlled by our thoughts and feelings. Although both Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga can achieve the same end goal Kundalini Yoga takes you on the fast track and gets your there quicker. Positive effects as a result of practicing Kundalini Yoga occur in as little as 3 minutes. These changes persist throughout the day and are reflected by positive changes in your mood and behavior.

Duration : 5 days residential

Fees : Rs. 11000/- (including food and accomodation)

Poorna Yoga

There are so many yogashramas and yoga gurus in the world who teach yoga partially. Till today no guru has taught yoga as a whole. In the name of yoga, they teach only asanas or pranayamas or some meditation techniques. Somebody mixes their own techniques, their own names like Fun yoga, Clapping yoga, Haashya yoga, in Guruji's opinion no guru has taught a real yoga as it is till today.

If you want to experience the real essence, the real depth of original yoga you must attend the Poorna yoga programme.

Duration : 5 days residential

Fees : Rs. 10000/- (including food and accomodation).

Sankalpa Meditation

Mind is a combination of sankalpa and vikalpa. Both characters have wonderful power to manifest their thoughts. Every human being has got ample of desire and wishes. A man's happiness is lying with the fulfillment of his desires. In sankalpa meditation, we teach how to strengthen the power of sankalpa.

Duration : 1 day

Fees : Rs. 2100/- (including food and accomodation)

Swastha Sanjeevini Yoga

You just recall your memories. 30 years back were there this much of hospitals, doctors, in your place? Now a days so many doctors, hospitals, medical shops, costliest machines to check your health. But no proper diagnose, no proper treatments, no proper medicines to your diseases.

Keeping in mind we have designed Swasthya Sanjivini Yoga Shibir to overcome all the physical ailments. We treat all incurable diseases in the basic principles of treatment. i.e Dawa Ke sath Duva & Duva ke Sath Dava. If you are suffering from any incurable diseases feel that our Ashrama is the last place for you.

To get sure solutions to your health problems come and seek the timely guidance of Poojya Guruji.

Duration : Minimum 11 days to 21 days residential

Fees : Per day Rs. 1000/-(including treatment, medicines, food and accomodation)

Yantra-Mantra-Tantra Anusandhan Shibir

There are only two forces in the cosmos, one is God power another one is evil power, both are very essential to lead a sarthaka jeevana (Meaningful Life) imbalance in the two powers causes sorrow and happiness. How to experience these two powers?, How to get protection from the evil force?, How to avoid tantrik problems?
To know these things attend the powerful course i.e Yantra, Mantra, Tantra anusandhana shibir.

Duration : 3 days residential

Fees : Rs. 9000/- (including food and accomodation)

Long Term courses

1. Divya jeevana yoga camps (11 days) 

2. Swasthya sanjeevini punaschetana camp (15 days) 

3. Poorna yoga camp (21 days) 

4. Yoga shikshak training camp (30 days) 

5. Kundalini Yoga 

Healing Courses (One day Programmes)

1. Reiki I, II III

2. Cosmo Reiki 

3. Hypno Reiki 

4. Melchizedic Healing 

5. Pendulum Healing 

6. Aura Healing 

7. Aroma Healing 

8. Psychogram healing 

9. Pranic healing 1, 2 

10. Siddha healing 

11. Shamnic healing 

12. Pyramid healing 

Daily practiceable Wonderful dhyana tantra’s

1. Darpana dhyan

2. Soham dhyan 

3. Ajapa japa dhyan 

4. Hamsa dhyan 

5. Gayatri dhyan 

6. Omkar dhyan 

7. Sarvam shivamayam dhyan 

8. Kala bhairava dhyan 

9. Sufi dhyan 

10. Mettilu dhyan 

11. Guha dhyan 

12. Bindu dhyan 

13. Shava dhyan 

14. Mahamai kundalini dhyan 

15. Bramha dhyan 

16. Baloon dhyan 

17. Vishwa prema dhyan 

18. Mrityunjaya dhyan 

19. Shambhavi dhyan etc., 

Wonderful Deeksha’s offered in Ashrama

1. Shishyatva prapthi deeksha 

2. Yogamaya alpha dhyan deeksha 

3. Maranagamana gnana deeksha 

4. Roga vimukthi deeksha 

5. Tantra badha suraksha deeksha 

6. Chaitanya deeksha 

7. Bhairavi deeksha 

8. Akala mrityu sanjivini deeksha 

9. Maha mrityunjaya deeksha 

10. Mahamantra gayatri deeksha 

11. Prajnavivardhana deeksha 

12. Mahashabari deeksha etc., 

Short Term Dhyana Camps  (Frequently conducted) 

About 60 different courses are offered in the ashram and following list shows the frequently conducted camps. 

1. Markaba dhyan camp

2. Shambala dhyan camp 

3. Suphi dhyan camp 

4. Chakra dhyan camp 

5. Vishwa prema dhyan camp 

6. Nataraja dhyan camp 

7. Mandala dhyan camp 

8. Sankya Yoga camp 

9. Darpana Yoga camp 

10. Mudra Yoga camp 

11. Nadanu Sandhana Yoga camp 

12. Alpha Yoga camp 

13. Jeevana Darshana Yoga camp 

14. Lambica Yoga camp 

15. Taraka Yoga camp 

16. Prarthana Yoga camp 

17. Soham dhyan camp 

18. Kechary Yoga camp 

19. Kriya yoga camp 

20. Ananda Samadhi and bhava Samadhi yoga camps

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