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Founder of Shri Krishna Yogashram is Guruji Dr. Basavaraj Sangappa Hadagali (Swami Yoganand) one of eminent countable yogic experts, who has splendid experience on yoga and alternative treatments.Guruji has around 1.9 millions of disciples all around the world and has conducted around 6000 yoga, Meditation and alternative treatments programmes so far.

Guruji who is known for his extraordinary nature like continuous reading, writing and thinking about spiritual source of knowledge and his pilgrimage to Himalaya and extensive knowledge on Hindu mysterious yogic had been a ray of hope for several problems of the people who are coming to him.

He has multi-dimensional personality who gives definite solutions to any physical, mental, emotional, family and day today technical problems of all people. He is a moving "God" and encyclopedia of yogic knowledge.

He was born and brought up in the Guledgudd. First he learned yoga as a young child from his father. In his teenage he continued his practice of yoga, meditation and study of the world’s spiritual traditions. He did his primary, secondary and degree education at this place only and it is matter of great credibility that, he started his teaching profession, he invested for the institution, three fourth of the amount that he earned from his profession, he invested for the development of Ashrama. As a result, of this Ashram has grown to the of large mountain.

As he traveled at every nook and corner of the nation for the last 40 years, during which period he conducted 4000 Yogic and cultural camp, from this nearly 985,000 people who were after yogic knowledge for them he sprayed a source of contentment inspiration in their life.

He conducts special Yogic camps and focus on real effect of yoga on people, for their problems relating to ophthalmic, Asthma, Diabetes and any psycho related ailments. People have got tolerable remedies from almost all camps.

Presently Guruji organize special camps, workshops, symposia and counseling centers from which people suffering from AIDS and Cancer this has resulted that mass people gained emotional courage to sustain their life.

Guruji uses many extract of Ayurveda herbals tree like Neem, Bilva, Ashwatha, Tulsi, Wheet grass, Durva and meditation, healing techniques are other which are very powerful that he uses for relief of many diseases. His social concern extraordinary knowledge, exceptionally excellent way of services have fetched him several awards.

Presently Guruji is an young of 69 years old person. He is like a saint in sandy, though he is a family man lead life like hermitage. Apparently he seems like common man but infact he is great guru.

There are various branches of Shri Krishna Yogashram being scattered through out country and enormous disciples of Guruji are rendering their efficient and effective services so as to enhance the Yogic knowledge.

As he is a best son of his parents, best brother to all sisters and brothers, ideal husband to his wife and father to his children, he is a role model person in entire human cult, indeed his way of life is ideal to all.

Guruji has received awards from various organizations.

1. "Yoga Vidyaratna" Award by shubadham trust, Bangalore. 

2. "Abhinava Patanjali" Award by excel India cultural club, Meerut. 

3. "Yoga Vidya Vibhushanaa" award by old students association,  gurukul kangadi yoga center,kanakal, Haridwar. 

4. "Paramhamsa Yoga" award by saptarshi yogashrama and prabhu premashram, Haridwar.

5. "Vishal Karnatak Bhushan" award by janamana kannada sangatane, Bangalore.

6. Shri Hugar Smarak award by Pathrakartara vedike, Bangalore.


Guruji has conducted various programmes, beow is the list of programmes.

NameTotal Conducted
Yoga Jnana3876
Alternative treatments137
Yoga for Eyes163
Diabetes treatment93
Children kayakalpa yoga127
Alpha Dhyana26
Diyva Jeevana Yoga Training86
Kundalini yoga training105
Prarthana Yoga training50
Yoga Shikshak Training35
Reiki and Cosmic Healing630
Vaastu and Feng shui17
Yantra Mantra Tantra Anusandhan89
Training for aspirants from England, Canada, Australia, Israel, Germany21
Lectures on Yoga, Health, Alternative treatments980
Yoga for Children29

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