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Dr. Deepak

Dr.Deepak is an expert famous Ayurvedic Physician for his services and innovations in ayurvedic treatment based on years of experience and research.

Having a rich tradition of Ayurveda spanning more than 300 years and the bearer of the family secrets of special medicine preparation and treatment protocols.

A graduate of ayuvedic medical science from the Kalidas Ayurvedic Medical College, Dr. Deepak started his practice soon after his degree and gained immense popularity as a physician at a very young age itself. With a small initial hospital at Ashrama.

Patients from different parts of Karnataka soon started to come for his consultation without considering the geographical limitation and gained relief through his treatment and many gained confidence from his motivating and consulting approach. 

Dr.Deepak identified the healing powers of Ayurveda for the different kinds of ailments and concentrated on research & treatment procedures and medicine preparation for curing this dreaded disease like Cancer, HIV, Psoriasis, Paralysis and Rhumatoid Arthritis. He developed a team of therapists who expertised in rehabilitating for all kinds of ailments patients who were mentally and physically weak. Many patients went back to normal active life after they approached Dr. Deepak as their last resort. Now Sanjeevini Chikitsalaya has turned into one of a few centers in Karnataka which treats successfully all types of incurable diseases.

His expertise gave relief to many patients who were under different kinds of pain like backache, neck pain, joint pain and arthritic complaints. A strict regime of Panchakarma, Naturopathy treatment and effective medicines as advised by Dr.Deepak gave astonishing results to such patients. Cases which were not completely cured by the modern medicine and surgical procedures were also treated with good results.

According to him now patients are coming in huge numbers because of diseases as a result of unhealthy life styles. Diabetes, cholesterol, heart ailments, anxiety, stress related pains are all those which come under the wide spectrum of life style disorders. Doctor has identified Ayurveda, Naturopathy and its goodness as a curing measure for all the above ailments. He has designed treatment packages which give maximum results to such patients.

For the youth who are now fastly prone to such diseases a treatment schedule which combines Ayurveda as well as yoga and meditation is done in Ashrama and other centers under the expert guidance of Dr.Deepak.This has lead the I.T firms to choose the treatment specialties offered by Dr. Deepak for curing the life style and job related ailments of its staff and thus increase their productivity.

The centers under Ashrama conduct free medical camps regularly in a year and help the needy and poor patients by offering treatment and medicines at subsidized rates.

Dr.Deepak spends every minute of his life always innovating about different ways to offer quality ayurvedic products and services to the people that would enhance their quality of life.

Dr. Deepak's Biodata


  • Bachelors Ayuverdic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science, Bangalore 
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Nutrition & Dietetics(PGDND) from Karnataka State Open University, Mysore
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Yoga Therapy for Doctors (PGDYTD) from SVYASA University, Bangalore
  • Yoga Instructor Certification Course (YIC) from SVYASA University, Bangalore
  • Doctor Of Naturopathy,& Doctor Of Yoga (N.D Y.D) from Gorakhpur School Of Natural Therapeutics, Gorakhpur (U.P)

Areas of Interest

  • Exploring alternative healing, especially Hypnotherapy, Music Therapy & Energy Medicine (Reiki & Pranic Healing). 
  • Acupuncture, Acupressure and Naturopathy.

Work Experience

  • Worked as a Physician Assistant in "Narayana Hrudayalaya" Bangalore 
  • Visiting consultant for Yoga and Ayurvedic Spa Centres to Bangkok, Hongkong and Germany nations.
  • Guest Lecturer in Dept of Yoga. Bhandari & Rathi college, Guledgudd.
  • Duty Doctor in Health Centre Of PE Trust Guledgudd.

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