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Since I was looking for alternative paths, I could not find a better place in my way than Shri Krishna Yogashram. The knowledge I was taught, I have also been shown a wonderful way of life to follow from now on in order to improve the stability & happiness of my soul. Yoga is the road that leads to a harmonious union of the body-motor and the soul energy. Together eventually. I will walk my way further and lighter.

Here I received the theory I needed to practice by myself everyday. And the explanatory came through beautiful comparisons and perfectly clear metaphors that were flooding out Guruji’s great experience in teaching and Guruj’s patience with any ignorance. I can only say ‘Thank you’ to him for his lessons and for his hospitality, extending it to his wonderful family which made me feel part of them at every moment and forever more.

I leave here in their ashram a peace of my heart that I will come to pick up sooner or later.... for more knowledge... for more love.

The Shri Krishna Yogashrama is a spiritual and loving home on our tour through India. It is easy to find a yoga school and teacher in India. But to find teacher with love and with such a wonderful spirit is a more treasure. These few days have been a beautiful experience that we will carry with us for the entire of our lives.

I have stayed in ashram 3 weeks and within this time Guruji’s family became my own. So now I have one more father and mother, brothers Deepu and Vishwa and a little funny sister Gouri. I’m very glad that I met all of you and spent some time with you. Basically my purpose was to learn about yoga and meditation, but I think I have also learnt bit about happy family life. Thank you for your love and care!

Yoga classes made me think about yoga & meditation in different way. The approach to yoga here differs very much from what I have seen before. Its much deeper and gives more peace and satisfaction. Also thanks for teaching me Reiki. Now I plan come back here after some time for the next level of Reiki.

Thanks that you are and for that what you do for people.

What a wonderful stay in your Ashrama!!!. I don’t know how to formulate what I have in my mind Guruji, to thank you for your time you gave to me and your precious teaching. Many thanks to suhasini for all your delicious meals. Thank you so much Deepak, Vishwa and Gouri for your help and for having taking care of me. Finally I would love to thank you all for the great moments you made me experience.

I’ll be back!! All the best!!

Dearest Guruji,

It was a very nice ashram to visit, that was given me immense pleasure and happiness. Thanks you for blessing me. Even before I came to this Ashram, I felt that meeting you and seeing the ashram would bring me happiness and peace to my life. I’m very fortunate and lucky person to find you in this stage of my life. Please lead me to a better fortune and I would follow your path. It was very nice to meet you and you changed my thinking it’s because of your blessing I have opes for beter fortune. I would like to thank you for everything I received from you as blessings.

God has given us birth with some purpose. But we don’t know it and wandering here and there. We have lot of questions in our mind. One problem you solve, other arises, but I was not getting right path.

It is a place where I’m feeling very genuine and very peaceful. I think that I found right GURU to whom I can surrender. Whenever you take birth your life starts after meeting Sadguru only. If you don’t meet with such Sadguru, your life is useless. It’s my new birth after meeting with Guruji. He knows the power, he teaches the power, he releases the power. But for me, he is the ‘POWER’. Due to my fortune I’m starting my devine life. I pray to god to help me complete my Janma in satsanga of Guruji.

We are happy to be here with you and your family. We are grateful to OSHO that created our meeting in this part of India really beautiful and full of silence, peace. This place is very clean and fresh full of LOVE. Thanks to this beautiful ashram and Guruji.

It is a pleasant surprise to find such a wonderful spiritual center in my birth place Guledgudd. This center is creating awareness about spirituality which is very necessary and acting as a Sanjeevini to suffering masses.

We only spent a few moments around the ashram, but it has been a very interesting experience that we will bring with us to our countries. I’m sure we will come back and spend more time in your beautiful ashram. I wish you all the best.

I was very impressed with all the different types of healings & meditation being practiced at the centre. The ashram was interesting and hospitable, I’m grateful to have been a guest.

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